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Get rid of the fats & tone your body safely
in just 25 minutes with Sculpsure.


The only FDA-approved laser treatment for fat reduction.
Get ready to look thinner without any surgery!

How does it work?

Its 1060 nm wave length will absorp to your dermis perfectly,
making Sculpsure efficiently able to treat your body area that is filled with fat.
One session of Sculpsure just takes 25 minutes and after 6 weeks,
your body will naturally eliminate the troublesome fat cells.

You’re just 25 minutes away to drop your body size!

Check out how Sculpsure had destroyed
up to 24% of fat cells and changed people’s lives!

*Disclaimer: The results of each person is different.

*Disclaimer: The results of each person is different.

*Disclaimer: The results of each person is different.

*Disclaimer: The results of each person is different.

*Disclaimer: The results of each person is different.


About Jade

Jade Aesthetic provides solutions to enhance your beautiful figure from head
to toe with non-surgical aesthetic treatments. All treatments are done by
professionals accompanied with the experienced dr. Jennifer Patra. We are
supported by the most advanced medical technology specialized for beauty
treatments. Visit us to treat your face & body with the latest innovations!

What they say about Jade?

klinik kecantikan jakarta testimony

Vanny Adelina

Make-up Artist

Before I did my prewedding, I decided to do beauty treatments at Jade Aesthetic. I met dr. Jennifer Patra, ABAARM for consultation. Being an experienced aesthetic physician, she is so friendly and easy to talk with. She gives me many tips and I feel really informed about every treatments at Jade Aesthetic.

The results still leave me in awe. The Serum Infusion Treatment made my skin radiant, Ultralift Body Treatment made my arm thinner, and not to mention the Nose and Chin Filler accentuate my face better!

sculpsure indonesia testimony

Juwita Rahmawati


I’ve been dealing with dry & dull skin of mine, so I came to Jade Aesthetic Klinik Kecantikan Jakarta to revive it. I did Serum Infusion Treatment and came up with amazing results: my face looks brighter and supple.

It makes my skin looks poreless and it’s even easier for me to put on makeup. And the most exciting part is Jade Aesthetic has the coziest place so you can enjoy your relaxing, pleasing me time.

testimonial jade aesthetic indonesia

Ana Octariani

Actress & Fashion Influencer

I hated the puffy bags under my eyes because it always make me look old and tired. dr. Jennifer Patra, who was wonderful, did Undereye Filler Treatment on me. The filler was injected into the tear trough to fill in the lines that made my eyes looked saggy.

The procedure was done very gently and I didn’t feel a thing! After it was done, you couldn’t tell I just had filler because there wasn’t a bruise or any marks.

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